Weight Loss Surgery as a Slimming Solution

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Although dieting is used on a wide spread basis, in extreme cases it may simply not be enough to create effective weight loss in some people. Some individuals with metabolism problems may experience extreme difficulty in weight loss due to the inability to burn calories at a rate a normal individual might. Others may experience weight that is much more easily taken care of through surgery rather than in other ways. When these problems occur, weight loss surgery is sometimes considered as a solution to a weight loss problem. Weight loss surgery can include many different types of procedures and techniques. There are several options available for those who are considering weight loss surgery, including liposuction, restrictive surgeries, and malabsorptive surgeries.

In liposuction, body fat is reduced by removing pockets of fat to improve the contours and image of the body. Most often, a stainless steel tube attached to a pump is used to create small tunnels in the fat, which collapse after the surgery to create a better body image with less fat. In restrictive surgery, the stomach is made smaller by either removing a portion of it or by closing it so the individual feels full with less food. This works by reducing the overall food the person can consume in their diet, making a calorie deficit and causing reduced weight. A malabsorptive surgery works by removing some of the small intestine or by moving where it enters the stomach. This causes less food to be completely absorbed, and results in decreased calorie intake overall, aiding in weight loss.

Some of the benefits that weight loss surgery can include may be faster weight reduction and the lack in rigid dieting plans. For chronic obesity, this can drastically reduce a person's weight without long, drawn out diets that may or may not work. Some of the risks that weight loss surgery has include malnutrition after a target weight is reached, vomiting, gallstones, and surgical complications. And although weight loss techniques have significantly improved over the last few years, there still remains the "ifs and buts" about using it as a replacement for dieting and weight loss beyond chronic or significant obesity.

Even despite these risks, however, many people may find that weight loss surgery is the only real solution to their problems--either because of significant weight issues or electively. People considering weight loss surgery should discuss the option with their physician carefully before making a decision. Various procedures, techniques, and alternatives should be considered in a weight loss solution and the risks involving each discussed. In general, it is advised by many health care professionals that weight loss surgery is not used as an "easy out," but as a last resort since the risks may outweigh the benefits in an elective, non-critical surgery

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