Slim Fast Recalls Ready-to-Drink Cans

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Testing on the product found that it was contaminated with a bacteria called B. cereus, which can cause a mild case of stomach upset or vomiting.

It's unclear whether the recall is due to consumer complaints, quality testing, or both. According to ABC News, an FDA spokesman said that testing was done after "several consumers" complained about the product, but Unilever spokeswoman Anita Larsen assured consumers that quality testing is part of their regular routine.

Unilever is stressing to consumers that an infection with B. cereus is unlikely to be serious. If you've got any of the product in your home, however, you should throw it out immediately. Call Unilever at 1-800-896-9479 to get a full refund. Keep in mind that the recall only affects their ready-to-drink cans, not their powdered drink products or nutritional bars.

And since we're a blog, let's discuss: What do you think about Slimfast as a diet aid? Would you or have you used it? The last time I used it regularly was shortly after high school, when the idea was to drink a can each for breakfast and lunch, followed by a healthy dinner. Now we know, of course, that that's far too few calories for anyone to consume in a day, but starving yourself was stylish then.

Though we all should be filling up on a variety of fruits, veggies, and colorful foods to maintain or lose weight, does Slim Fast still have a place for those who need a little control to maintain their willpower (especially now that their diet plans are a little more balanced)? Or does what we know now about healthy weight loss make this product little more than a diet dinosaur, past its prime?

What do you think?

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