Yoga for slimming and slimming exercises

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Obesity is the biggest lifestyle challenge that faces modern civilization today. Apart from increasing the risk of developing many different and often untreatable lifestyle diseases, obesity also reduces the scope of movement of the body. Obesity doesn’t occur overnight. It is a slow process which presents itself so slowly that sometimes the person is not aware of the increasing weight and the problems that it brings with it.

A graver problem that faces us today is that of child obesity. While there was a time when children were active and never faced the problem of obesity, unless it was hereditary, today the change in the lifestyle of parents has led to problems of obesity even in children. The first sign of obesity is weight gain. Slowly the body begins to lose its shape. There is a gradual decline in the ability to move freely. In fact, you may even experience a fall in the rate of overall activity. This is because when you weigh more, more energy is expended for the simplest of movements, as a result of which tire more readily.

Yoga for Obesity

There are many
slimming exercises which can help you shed off the extra pounds that you have piled up. However, slimming yogapresents one of the most effective exercise techniques when you are looking for weight loss and slimming. Though there are no specificexercises for slimming in yoga, most of the poses and postures improve the digestive system and increase the metabolism. The poses of yoga also help tone and firm muscles, improving postures, realigning the body to eliminate structural flaws, and increase aerobic capacity to improve both blood circulation and energy reserves.

There are different yoga poses and postures which help you to reduce fat from specific areas of your body. These poses also make your body more flexible so that the scope of movements is improved.

Pranayama or the breathing exercises, though not specifically designed for slimming, help improve the capacity of the lungs, increasing the amount of oxygen in the body. This in turn allows for better oxidation of food and improves core strength, immunity, and energy levels. One of the
best slimming exercises in yoga which involves the use of both poses and pranayama is the Sun salutation. This is basically a series of poses that benefit various parts of the body in different ways. The sun salutation should ideally be performed every morning.

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