Ban Butter for Greater Health?

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One of Britain's leading heart surgeons, Shyam Kolvekar, has suggested that in order to save lives, butter should be banned.

Butter contains a large amount of saturated fat (54g per 100g), and saturated fat is considered responsible for a third of Britain's annual 200,000 premature deaths from heart disease.

Mr. Kolvekar said:

By banning butter and replacing it with a healthy spread the average daily sat-fat intake would be reduced by eight grams. This would save thousands of lives each year and help to protect them from cardiovascular disease - the UK's biggest killer.

Heart bypass operations are increasingly being performed on young adults, whereas in the past, it was normally only older patients who needed them. If butter was banned and replaced with a healthier spread, Brits would be eating an average 8g less of saturated fat each day - potentially saving thousands of lives.

It's unlikely, of course, that butter will be banned. Chefs and farmers have already spoken out against Mr. Kolvekar, insisting that eaten in moderation, butter is not dangerous.

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