Buying Candy At the Pet Store Will Make You Fat

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I was at PetSmart a week ago - browsing the ferrets, kittens, and tree frogs - and up front by the registers were potato chips, candy, and soda.

Now, I've never tried feeding my leopard gecko a Kit Kat, instead of meal worms and crickets, but she's pretty ditsy, so she might eat it.

It turns out that candy isn't for the pets, it's for us. And, a new study warns goodies sold in stores where they shouldn't be, are making us fat.

Writing in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers looked at over 1,000 non-food retailers across the United States, finding 41% of them sold candy, soft drinks, chips, various sweet and salty snacks.

The study looked at places like hardware, garden stores, and auto-mechanics.

And like my PetSmart, junk food was typically placed at the check-out counter, perfect for impulse buyers - mmm cat food and M&Ms.

Here's the problem. Even if you skip the candy most of the time, results show if a person buys something only 10 percent of the time, that still adds up to 2,600 extra calories a year. So maybe just stick with the dog biscuits.

I've got to be honest. I feel too self-conscious to buy candy at a hardware store. I assume the cashier would think, "Fat lard."

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