Damage, eating junk food

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I like comfort food. You like comfort food. It's great medicine! You feel otten, so you eat a bunch of rotten food, and you feel better. Magic!

Yeah, I know, it's short-lived, but General Tso's Chicken, or Haagen Dazs ice cream, or an entire sleeve of Oreos, sure helps get the sad out.

But eating all that comfort food, i.e. junk food, might be what's fueling your bad mood; specifically increasing the risk of depression.

Writing in The British Journal of Psychiatry, experts found that consuming a lot of processed food--such as desserts, fried food, refined grains, processed meat, and high-fat dairy--actually raised the likelihood of depression.

Scientists blame all the sugar and fat junk food jams into your body; sugar highs are great, but sugar lows are low, really low.

And, researchers say this association held true even after things like smoking and fitness level were considered.

So scientists suggest, obviously avoiding junk food, eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting salt, and choosing healthy snacks, like whole wheat crackers. Sorry, they don't make whole wheat Oreos.

As a nut job with five years of therapy under his belt, I say stay away from the comfort food trap. Force yourself to eat fruit if you have to, seriously.

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