Dining Out

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Here are some general tips to eating out, because "eating-out" doesn't mean you have to "blow everything." In fact it's quite simple to maintain your weight by following these tips!
  • Take the edge off. You're more likely to indulge if you're hungry, so try eating an apple or some crackers before you go. Also, drink a glass of water while waiting for your meal, because thirst can be mistake for hunger, or it just helps take an edge off.
  • Be informed. Most places are willing to accommodate your special needs. Call ahead and ask about the food offerings. I have actually done this when I was going out for a birthday dinner at a place where they prepare the food in front of you.
  • Choose low fat proteins. This includes sirloin, strip steak, tenderloin, club, Delmonico, filet steak, filet mignon, kabob and London broil. Choose pork tenderloin instead of the chops. White chicken meat is leaner then dark, but still remove the skin. Ground meat and cheese are very high fat sources. And always ask them not to brush butter on top of the meat.
  • Request low fat cooking techniques. Often described as: steamed, broiled, roasted, or poached. AVOID food described as buttery, in butter sauce, sauteed, fried, pan friend, crispy, braised, creamed, in cream sauce, in its own gravy, hollandasie, au gratin, parmesan, in cheese sauce, scalloped, marinated in oil, basted, casserole, prime and pot pie.
  • Split the order. Either share with a friend or take some home.
  • Order lunch portions at dinner. Most resturaunts serve 8-10 ounces of meat with their "dinner." You have to ask for the lunch portions at dinner, they won't tell you.
  • Ask for substitutes. Instead of getting higher calorie coleslaw, beans, or potato salad ask for a baked potato plain. Mexican places can replace guacamole with steamed veggies or lettuce salad. Sandwich places usually replace fries with fruit.
  • Do the "dip and stab." Order all fatty food on the side. Then, dip your fork in it then take a bite of food. You get taste in every bite without spoiling too much!
  • Order "a la carte." Order just what you want without the extras. Don't get the "combo" with the extra fries or whatever.
  • Speak up! Most places grill your buns in butter, ask them to do it "dry"... or maybe ask without the special sauce, and prepare the breadsticks "dry."
  • Take care of the food when it comes. If they don't prepare it the way you asked, you can trim up the fat, knock off some of the breading, take the lettuce leaf off the sandwich which holds most of the sauce, pull the breading or skin off the chicken.
  • Frequent the same restaurants. Most places have at least one "healthier" choice. The staff will more then likely accommodate your special requests.
  • It is better to "waste" then to "waist." Stop worrying about wasting food or getting your money's worth. Think about how much money and stress goes into taking care of yourself!!
  • Treat yourself right. Research shows that deprivation often leads to rebound binging and weight gain. If you crave high calorie foods indulge once in awhile. It's safer when your eating out then making bigger portions at home and trying to eat one
  • The average American adult is gaining a pound a year. That amount to eating just 10 calories more than your body needs each day. It really is "just the little things" that put on excess weight. Where can you "save" a few calories?

    I will post more tips about eating out and stuff like that as time goes on. I just felt like those were the most important to share out of the packet thing I have from my dietitian

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