How Are You Dealing with Weight Issues?

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Something I’ve been thinking about doing is getting together on weekends with a bunch of guys and playing sports. I love sports, loved playing, love watching. So I want to incorporate more sports into my life. I’ve gotta use it before I lose it.

Mentally, it’s really a challenge to stay focused. That has always been the hardest, most crucial element to my weight loss. Stay focused people. Stay focused! you are like me, this time of the year is really bad for you. With all of the holidays, the cold weather, and the overall laziness that ensues around this time of year…it’s hard to stay motivated.

So how are you dealing with weight loss issues right about now? Share some of your tricks, please! It’s been quite a challenge every holiday season for me to stick to my guns. Why does weight loss have to be so difficult, yet really simple?

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