My Weight

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I'm a strong believer in Nurture vs. Nature, and that it all depends on how we're raised and influenced growing up. Sadly for me, I am influenced to hate my body unless I'm super skinny. It takes a lot of effort with my friends and my boyfriend to keep me from hating myself and harming my body in a different number of ways. It has taken so much for me to love myself for who I am, and accept myself. Because my father always told me that there is NO way you can love someone if you don't love yourself.

I am athletic though. I have a high BMI to begin with because I have very muscular legs and body structure all together. I catch in softball and play center field, I swim, and I play soccer. Naturally, while growing up, I played most of these sports from early ages. This set me up for toned legs and arms for life. I know with my body type and that I'm never going to be a size smaller then a 9. I play softball with a huge variety of sized girls. There's a girl on my team who's so skinny her periods are irregular, and she eats like a horse.

I think the biggest misconception of people and how they look is some people can't help the size they are. Accepting yourself and loving yourself for how ever you are and look is important.And if you are upset with how you look, and love yourself, then you will be successful with making yourself look how ever you want, in a positive way. If you hate yourself and your body, that's when your hurt yourself. You can be beautiful no matter what happens.

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